Friday, October 18, 2019

Regionality Writing Portfolio Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Regionality Writing Portfolio - Essay Example Influence slave trade produced on the African continent is immense, for nearly 400 years of slave trade deprived Africa of around 12.5 million of labor force. Buying slaves – previously captured people of other ethnic groups and tribes – from coastal kingdoms, Americans and Europeans halted development of the entire West Africa through affecting local husbandry, agriculture and handicraft (Rowntree et al., 2014). Moreover, collaboration and grafting leaders of coastal kingdoms, the traders instigated conflict between different African nations and eventually caused wars. In the internal wars, Africa hardly had any wealth accumulation and lost around 100 million of labor force, for many able-bodied people died. At the same time, establishment and strengthening of economic and political entities was heavily impeded by the fact that many African communities had to hide from the slave traders through relocation of their settlements and thus were more interested in survival t han in development of countries or increase of economic might. In general, Atlantic slave trade that thrived until the 19th century facilitated the flow of labor force from Africa’s interior to the expanding territories of the New World, which were in need of more workers. As a result, many African regions were left underdeveloped and rather poor due to lack of labor force and – owing to efforts of their future colonizers – absence of efficient centralized states. This made Africa vulnerable to further colonization by European state.

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